Child and Adolescent Committee


The Child and Adolescent Committee promotes best practice HIV prevention, care and treatment services for children and adolescents. The committee works closely with the National Department of Health on the development of evidence-based guidelines, and provides guidance and direction to all Society child and adolescent-related programmes and activities.

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The Committee is led by an elected six-member leadership group, comprised of Dr Moherndren Archary, Prof Ashraf Coovadia, Prof Brian Eley, Dr Leon Levin and Dr James Nuttall and Dr Helena Rabie. The Committee’s Chair is Dr James Nuttall.


For more information about the Committee, please contact, or send an email to



If you have clinical questions about the management of paediatric or adolescent patients, please contact the National HIV and TB Health Care Worker Hotline at 0800 212 506, or send an email to the Society at


Guidelines and Interim Clinical Advice

The Southern African HIV Clinicians Society. Guidance to Clinicians Experiencing Tenofovir and Abacavir Drug Shortages, April 2012.

The Southern African HIV Clinicians Society. Guidelines for Antiretroviral Therapy in Children – November 2009

The Southern African HIV Clinicians Society. INH Preventive Therapy (IPT) in HIV Infected South African Children

National Department of Health. Guidelines for the Management of HIV in Children, 2010

National Department of Health. Clinical Guidelines: Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission, 2010

Antiretroviral Drug Dosing Chart for Children (2009)

WHO: Paediatric HIV Publications

WHO: Mother-to-Child transmission of HIV Publications


Articles and Publications

Infant Feeding

Yezingane Network and UNICEF.
Questions and Answers: Infant Feeding in the Context of HIV in South Africa, July 2011 
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Cotton M, Rabie H. The conundrum of infant feeding for HIV infected women continues.
Aid for AIDS Healthcare Professional Newsletter. February 2012, Issue 31. 
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Tenofovir Use in Children and Adolescents

Cotton, M and Levin, L. Tenofovir for Children and Adolescents.
Aid for AIDS Healthcare Professional Newsletter. June 2012, Issue 32.
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