HIV Diploma

The Colleges of Medicine of South Africa

The CMSA offers a Diploma in HIV Management of the College of Family Physicians of South Africa: Dip HIV Man(SA).


The current examination fee is R 7 155.

The Diploma is aimed at doctors who want to improve their clinical skills and increase their competence in managing HIV. The Diploma improves the quality of medical practise and patient care, particularly in communities further from larger training centres. The curriculum is broad and covers aspects such as epidemiology, ethics, HIV prevention, HIV laboratory medicine, the molecular biology of the disease and drug therapy.

Training for the examination is self-managed but past papers and other resources are available. The examination, which is held twice a year in various centres across the country, consists of two papers, one with multiple choice questions/OSCE and one with short essay-type questions.

Any doctor in any field of medicine who is registered with the HPCSA and has been qualified for two years or more can apply to write the examination – i.e. doctors within their community service year are also eligible if they have completed the required training. Foreign medical graduates will also be considered. Only medical doctors are eligible to apply. It is required that applicants have 6 months supervised training at a teaching or CMSA-approved hospital; OR 6 months in an HIV clinic PLUS 10 days attendance of HIV Management courses.

Further entry criteria and detailed information is available at

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