What we do

The Southern African HIV Clinicians Society strives to support and strengthen the capacity of its members to deliver high quality, evidence-based HIV prevention, care and treatment services through the following activities:


  • Journals and Publications: The Society’s flagship publication is the Southern African Journal of HIV Medicine. The Journal was founded in 2000 and publishes original research, case reports, commentary and reviews. The Journal is edited by Dr Michelle Moorhouse. Since 2010, the Society has produced a magazine specifically for nurses working in HIV, HIV Nursing Matters. The magazine is led by an Editorial Advisory Board, and serves as a resource for nurses in the region providing HIV services, including the initiation and management of antiretroviral treatment. The Society’s e-newsletter, Transcript, provides updates on HIV-related news, resources, trainings and events, and is emailed to members.


  • Practice Guidelines: The Society appoints expert committees to develop guidelines addressing aspects of the management of HIV. Guidelines developed by the Society are adopted by the medical aid industry and have been adapted by the National Department of Health.


  • Meetings: The Society hosts regular CPD-accredited cme-meetings across Southern Africa; these meetings foster interaction among HIV health care professionals and provide up-to-date information on HIV.


  • Conference: The Society will host its fourth conference in October 2018 in Johannesburg, South Africa. The conference focuses on clinical content for HIV and TB health care workers. The Society's first conference, “Striving for Clinical Excellence”, was held in November 2012 in Cape Town, South Africa.


  • Clinical Resources: In February 2012 the Society launched an online clinical case study programme to support increased access to high quality, evidence-based HIV information to clinicians via the internet. The programme is CPD-accredited and covers relevant and timely clinical issues impacting HIV providers. The Society also moderates two discussion group listservs: one on paediatric and adolescent HIV, and one on policy and ethics.


  • Policy and Advocacy: The Society advocates for the highest quality HIV care for people living with HIV, and is a powerful and independent voice within Southern Africa, with key representation from the most experienced and respected professionals working in the fight against HIV.

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